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Electrical Fails

Electricity Fails 💥 Electrical Explosion [TNT Channel]

Dangerously beautiful! Subscribe http://bit.ly/TNTChannelTV for weekly videos! In this video, we have gathered different videos of electrical explosions that cause by different scenarios lik

2017-06-29 06:16 2,019,596 YouTube

Trust me, I'm an Electrical Engineer! Funny Electrician Fails ⚡

Not the brightest sparks! Ladders balancing in pool, wonky wall sockets and fans blocked by light fixtures - the worst electrician fails seen on social media. Trust me, I'm an Electrical Eng

2017-11-17 12:01 434,527 YouTube

Electrician FAIL: Retarded reno

Breaker always tripping? This may be why.

2017-02-07 02:30 7,994 YouTube

100 amp electrical service FAIL

Someone paid an "electrician" for this work. This is about as bad of a job as I can imagine. You have to work hard to be this unsafe.

2011-12-10 03:43 19,147 YouTube

Worst Electrical Work Ever

Some pictures of some of the worst electrical work you will ever see!

2009-11-21 01:58 558,733 YouTube

Trenton electrical substation fails, city activates emergency shelter

The electrical substation in Trenton, Ohio was stressed all week trying to keep up with the falling temps. It finally failed Saturday, and the city was forced t...

2014-01-27 02:22 43 Dailymotion

Unscheduled load shedding all around the country angers people

Unscheduled load shedding all around the country angers people...

2017-04-18 03:41 132 Dailymotion

Best Fail routine in gym

funny, fun, dance, morning routine, fail, morning, makeup, beauty, ultimate girl fails of the year, morning routine for school, morning routine 2014, morning ro...

2017-08-08 00:44 15 Dailymotion


Funny electrical fails and shocks www.electricguys.co.nz...

2016-05-04 05:15 17 Dailymotion

Dunya News - Electrical pole saves lives of three person


2014-11-13 01:25 94,159 Dailymotion

How I failed to fix my electric organ

Special thanks to Jessica Lee http://cargocollective.com/sangwoohan...

2013-02-08 04:49 36 Vimeo

Dr. Wonder's Workshop l Episode 11

Season 1 - Episode 11 Theme: Never Give Up Story: Dr. Wonder is working on a robot in the lab. He accidentally steps on a bad electrical cord and gets a nasty ...

2011-11-14 24:31 1,476 Vimeo

Agent of the Month

In 1979, Two agents of the CCCC (Crisis Center of Creature Containment) are dispatched to the site of an electrical disturbance in the Arizona Desert. Jim Consk...

2016-12-31 09:24 387 Vimeo

Fuel Cell Installation at UTC Power (time-lapse)

This time-lapse video condenses two months of fuel cell installation activity at UTC Power into 70 seconds (placement of fuel cell, commissioning, visits from P...

2011-09-22 01:11 610 Vimeo


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2016-06-07 02:22 0 Vimeo