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Sara Jay

Online vs Real Life

Do you know anyone who talks big behind a computer screen but acts different in real life... welllll this is kinda my spin on it! :) Fantasy vs Reality! This is Online vs Real Life part1,...

2016-08-30 00:43 147,556 YouTube

Sara Jay Rides A Bull

So I was at Saddle Ranch in LA for the annual VNA dinner and I had to ride the mechanical bull. It's all about the technique, who wants to see me do this again for LONGER and FASTER? Don't..

2015-03-05 01:06 174,139 YouTube

Sara Jay's Tattoos Explained

Hey guys, I've had so many requests to do a video of my tattoos explained, so here it is. I took some time out at the London Tattoo Convention to explain the meaning behind my tattoos. Let..

2012-11-15 04:46 223,133 YouTube

Bondage Bomb Story | STORYTIME

don't forget to Like, Comment & Fav the video. I have more videos coming so subscribe. https://twitter.com/SaraJayXXX [@SaraJayXXX]

2013-05-25 03:29 291,301 YouTube

SaraJay: Being a Sneakerhead, Dunks, Jordans & More

http://www.sneakerwatch.com/ - Adult entertainer SaraJay doesn't exactly consider herself a sneakerhead, but during our exclusive Sneaker Watch interview she definitely had some sneaker know

2014-04-25 02:50 59,723 YouTube

Sara Raza Khan - JIs Dil Kay Ander Ishq Sama Jay

Sara Raza Khan - JIs Dil Kay Ander Ishq Sama Jay...

2015-05-19 05:17 5,609 Dailymotion

"Sara Jay" Rap Video Parody (The Digitals)

If you like pina colada's and getting caught in a fruit loop filled pool with a BIG beautiful woman; Then you should probably give this a watch. for more visit...

2014-05-30 03:18 5,028 Dailymotion



2011-04-28 05:16 11,616 Dailymotion

Tegan and Sara – “Closer” 4/11/2013 Jay Leno


2013-04-12 04:06 3,543 Dailymotion

The Digitals - Sara Jay

Public perversion in the front yard. The freaks come out at daytime....

2014-06-11 03:18 8,751 Dailymotion

Angelina Castro Sara Jay #Team BJ NBA


2012-06-27 01:10 174,406 Vimeo

Sara Jay & The Doot Chute Evasion

Watch part 3 of the superhappyilltime.tv interview with adult film star Sara Jay as she talks about the dreaded "A" word....

2009-12-01 01:26 9,966 Vimeo

Quick S.H.I.T.: Sara Jay Pt. 1

Sara Jay explains if she ever went back after going black....

2009-11-15 01:00 8,125 Vimeo

SUPER HAPPY ILL TIME: Sara Jay's Dute Chute Evasion

Adult film star Sara Jay talks about why she never has and never will take it up the hoo hoo. Check us out for more immature literature at http://www.superha...

2011-05-23 01:17 7,196 Vimeo

Super Happy Ill Moments With Sara Jay Pt. 2 - Sara vs. The Eleven Incher

In Part two of my interview with Sara Jay, she tells the story about her first time working with the legendary Lexington Steele and how her homegirl almost didn...

2009-11-23 02:22 12,055 Vimeo